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Ritmico Progress is led by a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) authorized CMMI High Maturity lead appraiser, and CMMI Introduction instructor.  Ritmico Progress is a SEI Agreement Partner for the CMMI Product Suite.

With over 25 years of software development and project management experience, ranging from radar communication systems, network systems, to publishing printer drivers and windows applications, and developing common coherent processes shared by offsite development centers. Service experience includes providing and managing support, development, and maintenance of on-demand applications and systems.

Ritmico Progress has guided over 70 companies in their improvements and expansions:  Guiding some of these companies since the start of their expansions from small companies of less than 30 staff to over 500 development staff in a period of 4 years and are continuing to expand.  Many of these companies begin from CMM maturity level  2 and continue to work with Ritmico Progress to CMMI maturity level 5.

Experience in Ritmico Progress includes high maturity knowledge in developing models and statistical process control (SPC) toolkits, developing business strategic initiatives and staff development to achieve business goals, and training in implementing process improvements and software development.

Ritmico Progress brings a wealth of experience in improving project management, and developing Organization Strategies to meet business goals.

The services offered include the following:

 Introduction to CMMI training for CMMI-Development, CMMI-Services.

 Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) training.

 Training in the area of developing business goals strategies with senior management.

 Training at the project level in developing process improvements to meet business goals.

 Progress reviews.

 Pre-appraisals (SCAMPI Class B, C).

 Final appraisals (SCAMPI Class A) for CMMI-Development, CMMI-Services.

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